New physical therapist: Femke Blok

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Hai, how nice that you take the time to read this. I will introduce myself: My name is Femke Blok I am working here as a general- but in particular as a psychosomatic physical therapist. Psychosomatic is such a big word but it actually means that I can guide you in finding the balance between tension and relaxation, between thinking and feeling so more out of your head, more in your body. I do this, among other things, on the basis of all sorts of exercises, communicative massage and giving insight into restrictive thoughts. If you think that I could do something for you, you can contact me on Mondays and Fridays.

Perhaps until then!

Femke Blok
Education: physiotherapy

Specializations: psychosomatics, holistic massage therapist, NLP coach, medical taping

Physiotherapy practice Blackthorn – GZ Keizer Karelpark – Lindepark 2K – 1185 LD Amstelveen