Physical therapy

for adults

Physical therapy is aimed at (young) adults. We specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints (muscles, joints, spine, nervous system), caused by injuries, trauma, illness, overload or aging. We also treat postural abnormalities and complaints in periods of extra stress and emotional overload.

We use general physiotherapeutic techniques such as massage and exercises during the treatment. In addition, manual therapy, psychosomatic therapy and respiratory therapy are an important approach to our treatment.

With reference, a physiotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment plan is drawn up in the first appointments. Without reference, we carry out a so-called screening at the first appointment. This should show whether physiotherapeutic treatment is useful and whether you can contact us. The GP will be notified. If applicable, we work together with a general practitioner or specialist.

During the treatment you will receive advice and if necessary exercises for your home. Physiotherapy for adults is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. The number of treatments to be reimbursed depends on the Supplementary insurance that you have taken out with your health insurer.

Physical therapy for the treatment of chronic complaints is reimbursed under certain conditions under the Basic Insurance.