Our practice works together with the following institutions:

Cooperative PhysioZorgAmstelland

FZA is the formal monodisciplinary regional partnership of primary physiotherapy practices in the Amstelland region. FZA is both the point of contact for stakeholders and the mandated representative and advocate of its members. All activities of FZA are aimed at strengthening the position of physiotherapy in the Amstelland region.

The affiliated physiotherapy practices are the specialist in the field of person-oriented physiotherapy. This physiotherapy is in line with questions, problems and expectations of the moving person. The person who, with his own motives and compassion, moves in his own environment.

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Physio Network by Annatommie MC

Physiotherapy practice Sleedoorn is affiliated with Fysio Netwerk by Annatommie MC. Since 2003, Annatommie MC has been providing specialized care for movement complaints. In 5 medical centers in the country, teams of medical specialists, physiotherapists and lab technicians work closely together and offer high-quality and targeted orthopedic care from diagnosis to recovery every day. Depending on the individual situation, the affiliated orthopedic surgeons determine, in consultation with the patient and, if necessary, the general practitioner, whether an operation is necessary or whether non-surgical treatment is preferred. After all, every movement complaint is different and deserves a tailor-made treatment. Annatommie MC thinks that movement is an essential part of the well-being of people and of great importance to be able to function independently and to be able to live actively. That idea connects and motivates Annatommie MC to work together with the patient every day on a fit recovery in motion.


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