Dry needling

Since 2005, Dry Needling has been used in the Netherlands by the physiotherapist trained in it. Muscles are punctured by means of a special technique, which allows them to relax quickly and prolonged and reduce the pain. A thin, sterile, ‘dry’ acupuncture needle is used for this. No liquid is therefore injected into the muscle.

Dry Needling: not the same as classic acupuncture.

Acupuncture often superficially multiple needles are placed in the body, which remain there for some time and affect the ‘energy’ in the body. Dry Needling is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles and usually uses one needle, which is used for short-term puncture in “muscle points” (trigger points). Dry Needling works directly on the muscles (intramuscular) and is not an ‘energy’ treatment.

What is a triggerpoint?

A trigger point is a pressure-sore spot in a muscle that, in addition to the local pressure pain, often causes pain at a distance (also referred to as referred pain). For example, trigger points in a muscle that is located near the shoulder blade may cause pain throughout the entire arm, or trigger points in the neck and shoulder muscles are the cause of muscle tension headaches.

We use general physiotherapeutic techniques such as massage and exercises during treatment. In addition, manual therapy, psychosomatic therapy and respiratory therapy are an important step in our treatment.