Edema therapy

Lymph edema is an excessive accumulation of fluid in a certain part of the body. It can develop gradually and occurs regularly. It manifests itself in the form of pain, swelling, a heavy feeling and fatigue, both locally and overall.

Cause of this excessive fluid accumulation can be a damage or blockage of the lymph system (lymph edema). In addition, the system can not be installed adequately or it does not work optimally, as a result of which moisture is insufficiently discharged.

Anita Zeeberg | Fysiotherapiepraktijk Sleedoorn Amstelveen

Anita Zeeberg is one of our physiotherapists specialized in edema therapy

There are two types of lymph edema:

  • In primary lymph edema, the lymph system is not well established at birth or functions insufficiently. Complaints can already arise at a young age.
  • Secondary edema is not congenital, but arises as a complication after eg an oncological treatment. You can think of an axillary gland toilet, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, scars, infections, and blood vessel problems.

The physio-edema therapist tries to activate the lymph system with mild techniques or to stimulate alternative routes in the system.