Oncological rehabilitation

After a treatment for cancer, people are often tired, gloomy about their own functioning, feel abandoned by their own body and move less.

People can end up in a negative vicious circle, where they can no longer come out well themselves. Oncological rehabilitation can be a good tool to break this circle. The treatments can also improve the quality of life.

The goal of this rehabilitation is to promote an active lifestyle and increase fitness.

Important components are:

  • Pushing and / or learning to deal with boundaries.
  • Increasing pleasure in moving.
  • Developing or regaining an active lifestyle.
  • Improving physical functions, think of muscle strength, mobility, endurance.
  • Getting back into balance both literally and figuratively.

The ultimate goal is that the client is able to independently maintain his achieved level of functioning and to pick up his own (sports) activities again.

An intake will take place before the program starts. The following topics will in any case be discussed:

  • Medical data (from the hospital)
  • Undergone treatments
  • Eventule previous rehabilitation (hospital, care institution)
  • Getting help question
  • Complaints and symptoms
  • Current and earlier exercise behavior
  • Experienced obstacles to optimal functioning
  • The ultimate goal that the client wants to achieve in the longer term.

Rehabilitation can be started by referral from a general practitioner or specialist and on your own initiative, provided that no complications are present. An additional insurance is desirable here.