Manual lymphatic drainage

Lymph edema is an accumulation of proteins and fluid in the body tissue, causing abnormal swelling that no longer automatically disappears.


Cause: Insufficient transport capacity of the lymph vessels, which may already be present after birth. This is called primary lymph edema and therefore often occurs at a younger age, after eg a sports injury. But lymph edema can also develop through surgery in which lymph nodes have been removed, radiotherapy or a combination of these factors. Also infections and certain skin diseases can cause secondary lymphedema.


Complaints can include: Swelling, a tired and heavy feeling, pain, limitations in movements and skin abnormalities.


Manual lymphatic drainage is a quiet massage technique where the disturbed lymphatic system is stimulated and alternative ways are sought for lymph drainage.

Also compression therapy (bandages and stockings), exercise therapy to actively activate the muscle pump operation, information / advice and self-management are important components in the therapy.

If this therapy is used, a referral is necessary.

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We use general physiotherapeutic techniques such as massage and exercises during treatment. In addition, manual therapy, psychosomatic therapy and respiratory therapy are an important step in our treatment.

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