D.W.R.P. foundation

Pediatric physiotherapy practice Sleedoorn cooperates with Stichting D.W.R.P.

Foundation D.W.R.P. is a healthcare institution that has been recognized by the government since 1996, with a number of locations for daytime care and living in Amstelveen and Aalsmeer. Both children (from 0 years) and adults with disabilities are welcome here. In small groups, the clients receive individual attention and, in addition to contact with the physiotherapist, there is also cooperation with a speech therapist, behavioral experts, vg doctor, rehabilitation doctor, psychologist / psychiatrist and Visio.

There is also a loan, rental of snooze space and possibility of advice with regard to adapted play equipment and tools.

For information you can call (020) 646 25 82 during office hours or e-mail to

Visiting address: Terschellingstraat 2-6 at 1181 HK Amstelveen.