Kinderfysiotherapie op het SBO

Our practice works at the SBO schools de Schakel and de Wending. We offer the possibility to treat the children at school and during school hours. In this way, there is easy and direct consultation with the IB and teacher for an optimal connection to the development at school. At the schools we only handle fine motor skills, including writing. If there are problems in the area of ​​gross motor skills, your child can turn to us in practice.

You can register at the initiative of the teacher or IB. The teacher or IB employee will discuss this with you and will then register your child with us. We will contact you for some information and for making a first appointment. We provide the referral from the GP.

Research and treatment
Before the physical therapy can be started at school, an intake and research will be conducted in practice first. The research consists of a screening, a number of tests and observations of both gross and fine motor skills and writing skills. If we have all the results you will be invited for a parent interview to discuss the treatment plan and the objectives of the therapy. The treatment will take place at school at a fixed time in consultation with the teacher. You are of course always welcome to be present at the therapy. We keep you informed of the progress of the therapy and also the teacher and IB’er are kept informed by us and provided with advice if necessary. If you have questions in between you can always contact the therapist or contact the practice. For the conclusion of the therapy, we will consult with you and with the teacher of the child. The therapy will be concluded with a parent conversation.

Cancelling an appointment
If your child can not attend school on the agreed treatment day, you must call 24 hours in advance. You call this with practice (020 641 8610), you can always say the answering machine.

Fees for child physiotherapy
Children up to the age of 18 are entitled to 18 physiotherapy treatments from the basic insurance. Depending on your additional package, more treatments can be reimbursed. For certain conditions, a child, with a referral from a specialist, may be reimbursed for more treatments.

Presence of the child physiotherapists
Our pediatric physiotherapists are present at De Schakel and De Wending on the following days:

  • Karlijn van de Worp: Monday
  • Hilde Kos: Tuesday
  • Dorine Witkamp: Thursday

Physical therapy Network with Annatommie MC

Physiotherapy practice Sleedoorn is affiliated with Fysio Netwerk by Annatommie MC. Since 2003, Annatommie MC has been providing specialized care for movement complaints. In 5 medical centers in the country, teams of medical specialists, physiotherapists and lab technicians work closely together and offer high-quality and targeted orthopedic care from diagnosis to recovery every day. Depending on the individual situation, the affiliated orthopedic surgeons determine, in consultation with the patient and, if necessary, the general practitioner, whether an operation is necessary or whether non-surgical treatment is preferred. After all, every movement complaint is different and deserves a tailor-made treatment. Annatommie MC thinks that movement is an essential part of the well-being of people and of great importance to be able to function independently and to be able to live actively. That idea connects and motivates Annatommie MC to work together with the patient every day on a fit recovery in motion.



D.W.R.P. foundation

Pediatric physiotherapy practice Sleedoorn cooperates with Stichting D.W.R.P.

Foundation D.W.R.P. is a healthcare institution that has been recognized by the government since 1996, with a number of locations for daytime care and living in Amstelveen and Aalsmeer. Both children (from 0 years) and adults with disabilities are welcome here. In small groups, the clients receive individual attention and, in addition to contact with the physiotherapist, there is also cooperation with a speech therapist, behavioral experts, vg doctor, rehabilitation doctor, psychologist / psychiatrist and Visio.

There is also a loan, rental of snooze space and possibility of advice with regard to adapted play equipment and tools.

For information you can call (020) 646 25 82 during office hours or e-mail to

Visiting address: Terschellingstraat 2-6 at 1181 HK Amstelveen.