Target audience


Pediatric physiotherapy is for all children from 0 to 18 years, with among others the following problems: developmental delay, orthopedic, neurological or congenital disorders, posture and / or movement problems and sensorimotor integration problems.

Additional specializations of our pediatric physiotherapists are:

  • Performing the ToP program for extremely premature babies.
  • The treatment of children with motor skills and behavioral problems, such as Autism and / or ADHD, ADD and ASD.
  • The treatment of children with intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome
  • Sensory information processing

Infants 0 – 2 years


  • Babies who do not (independently) roll over, sit, crawl or walk
  • Babies with asymmetrical posture or with a preferred posture
  • Sleeping or overstretching babies
  • Crying babies
  • Bill shifters
  • Babies with an orthopedic or neurological disorder
  • Babies with syndromes
  • Babies with a birth trauma

Toddlers 2 – 4 years


  • Toddlers who can not do what their peers can
  • Movement anxiety
  • Walking disorder and / or many traps
  • Over- or under-mobility
  • Toddlers with orthopedic problems
  • Toddlers with neurological problems
  • Toddlers with motor problems in combination with behavioral problems

School-age children 4 – 18 years


  • Children with a clumsy and / or awkward motor skills
  • Posture and movement problems
  • Coordination problems
  • Movement anxiety and / or little exploratory behavior
  • Write motorical problems
  • Problems with tempo work Sensory defense (hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli)
  • Stress or pain complaints
  • Motor problems in combination with behavioral problems including; attention / concentration problems and performance anxiety
  • Sports injuries