The schools have started again!

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Jumping exercise in exercise room | Fysiotherapiepraktijk Sleedoorn Amstelveen

The schools have started again!

The schools have now fully started and our practice is ready to help your child. If your child cannot keep up with the gym or if your child has physical complaints, our pediatric physiotherapists are happy to help you. You are assured of proper care for your child through extensive specializations from our pediatric physiotherapists.


When making an appointment, we try to take school-age children into account as much as possible so that as few lessons as possible are missed. Unfortunately it can sometimes happen that certain times are fully booked quickly. We then offer the possibility to place your child on a waiting list for a specific time. As soon as a place is available we will contact you and you can come along with your child. For our contact information, click here .

Sensory information processing

Your child’s development is central to this. For example, it may happen that the processing of the senses of your senses is less successful than that of your peers. Sensory information processing is used to look at the processing of this information and to identify possible problems by means of extensive observation and a parent questionnaire. If you want to know more about the specializations of our practice, click here . You can also find more information on the website of Here I Have Pain .

Intellectual Disability

In addition to sensory information processing, Fysiotherapiepraktijk Sleedoorn also offers help for children with intellectual disabilities. These children often have both motor and physical complaints and our child physiotherapists try in a safe and familiar environment at a pace adapted to the child. If you want to know more about the possibilities of our practice in the field of intellectual disability, click here for more information or look here to find out more about your child’s complaints.